Paint Pots not Canvas is a project inviting artists to explore alternative a eco - friendly way creating artwork. Using a plant pot as a 'canvas' to create a piece of art, whilst simultaneously creating a space for nature to flourish indoors.  

This is an opportunity to combine your love of painting with your love of nature, to express yourself in a way that interacts with nature. 

This is an educational project for artists to participate in, learning how to grow a plant and keep it alive, something that seems simple but requires love and care. 

With this project we invite anyone with a creative inclination to recycle and old pot or tin can, or indeed anything that can hold a plant and simply express yourself on this pot and then either by planting a seed or taking a cutting start growing. This should be a therapeutic rewarding exercises, growing a plant from fresh brings life into your house and begins to make you see how delicate life is. 

This is a free project - to enter we are looking for updates of work photographed on a neutral background sent to us on facebook or instagram

Please also #paintpots


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